Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 16 Board Meeting

Tuesday is an active day for our district, at 3pm the Board of Education meets with the Superintendent search firm (see Gina's post). This is a public meeting and we encourage all parents to participate. At 7:30 pm the board meeting starts, budget reductions will make up an important part of the meeting. The reduction list starts on p160 of the agenda. Items being voted on are:
14a-Using stimulus funds to fund Learning Centers
22-Using stimulus funds to fund 5 Program Specialist positions for 2 years
42-Using stimulus funds to fund certain preschool program expenses
43a-Eliminate paid transportation (this does not affect mandated special ed or NCLB busing,will most likely affect Crossings, Crystal Ranch and Clayton residents).
44-Eliminate one member of the Superintendent's Council (starting 2010-2011 school year.) The Council members are: Associate Superintendent, 4 Assistant Superintends (Special Education, Elementary Education, Personnel Services and Administrative Services) and District General Council.
45-Eliminate Administrative Assistant for one member of the Superintendent's Council (starting 2010-2011)
46-Transfer from State Deferred Maintenance Funding
47-Delay transfer of Meals for the Needy to Food and Nutrition Services
48-Eliminate one Senior Maintenance Worker
49-Eliminate Director of Purchasing50-Reduce District funding for Leadership Conference by 50%
51-Additional reductions to Tier 3 programs (target amount $12,600,000, including the restorations of 5 campus supervisors for student safety.) See information regarding the Tier Programs here. Disclaimer: This list is from the March Study Session, and may not be current.
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