Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Governor and Laterman Act cuts

Thank you to Barbara Maizie at Contra Costa ARC for this:

Recently, the Sacramento Bee editorial board broadcast a live interview on the internet with Governor Schwarzenegger. A question was asked of the Governor regarding the Lanterman Act. You can view the broadcast using this link

Note that the sound from this link does not begin until a couple of minutes into this interview. If you want to view only the Governor's response to the Lanterman Act question, advance the video using the scroll bar to 33 minutes and 30 seconds into the program. Here's the text of this exchange:

Interviewer: "Joyce Hearn, one of our readers, wants to know if you intend to keep intact the Lanterman Act which is the California law that guarantees services for the developmentally disabled."

Governor: "Um, you know it's all on the chopping block. It's all part of the budget And I think that we try to...I'm very sensitive about that because as you know my mother in law one time called me about that when I made cuts a few years ago there. So, but, like I said, I cannot pick and choose, to pick and choose would be the wrong thing here. It has to be somewhat across the board. And so that is also one of the things we are looking at."

Caroline Stimson

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