Sunday, June 21, 2009

Accessible Park: Robert's Regional Park and Pool

Robert's Regional Park and pool in the Oakland Hills has one of the largest fully accessible play structures in the area. The structure is accessible to wheelchairs on top and has braille and sensory play items integrated. The fencing, which for our sensory and danger seeking child is rarely adequate, allowed us to be unusually hands off with her. The pool also has an accessible lift,  though it is not terribly warm. Some of the picnic tables have paving around them and the bathrooms below are roomy.  The ball fields and trails are extensive; many trails are accessible. The redwoods are spectacular and worth a walk on hot days. This was a great park for our family with two typically developing kids and one part time wheelchair user. We stayed all day and did not run out of things to do. The entrance fee of $6 is cash only; separate fees for swimming.  Call 1-888-EBPARKS or 1-888-327-2757 for more information!
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