Monday, June 1, 2009

School Board Meeting, Tuesday, June 2nd

At the School Board meeting tomorrow, members of our Board of Education will be discussing additional reductions to district programs, due to the California budget crisis. The news isn't good. Possible savings to be discussed, include closure of two elementary schools and significant cuts to libraries and music programs. All cuts to education affect our special education students and I encourage you to read the list carefully. Potential reductions specific to special education are:

-14 Reduce all Special Education services that are not mandated
-14a Close resource centers
-22 Eliminate 5 program specialists
-27 Use federal stimulus money to fund Special Education
-36 Eliminate one senior secretary in Special Education
-37 Transfer some funding for administrative secretary in Special Education to MediCal
The list of potential reductions starts on p72 of the Board of Education's Agenda.
The meeting is on Tuesday, June 2nd, 7:30pm at Monte Gardens Elem, 3841 Larkspur Dr, Concord.
You can also view the meeting online.
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