Friday, May 29, 2009

Sacramento holds budget hearings!!

We received this urgent information from Linda Mayo, member of the Board of Education. 
Budget Hearing June 1
Please come to speak up for children if you can

On Monday, June 1, the Legislative Conference Committee on the Budget will hold a hearing on the latest proposed state budget cuts to education. Based on past experience,this may be the only public hearing on the budget.

It is vital that we communicate how united we are in opposition to these cuts.

We are asking any PTA members who can to come to Sacramento on Monday to attend the hearing.  Bring your families and bring your children as well, if you'd like. This is your opportunity to share your story, or just to support other parents who will testify. Please forward this email to anyone who cares about children.
We will hand out California State PTA buttons outside the hearing room to help you show your support. 

Here are the details for the hearing:
What:  Legislative Conference Committee on the Budget

When:  10:30 a.m. Monday, June 1. The K-12 education portion is slated to begin at 11:30 a.m. Plan to arrive early to get into the room.

Where: State Capitol, Room 4203, in Sacramento.
Please come, if you can!

During this past state fiscal year, our schools have already been cut by $11.6 billion.  Recently, the Governor proposed an additional $5.4 billion in cuts to schools, including $1.6 billion more in this year that is about to end.
On top of this, the Governor proposed this week to drastically cut or eliminate entire programs that serve children and families, like Healthy Families, CalWorks and Cal Grants.  

This cuts-only approach is an assault on just about every program we hold dear.  California State PTA is working on a legislative and media strategy to mobilize our members. We understand that some additional cuts will need to be made by the state to address the deficit, but the state must also come up with additional revenue sources to balance the budget. How much deeper can they cut?
  • We must protect programs for children as much as possible.
  • We must have a balanced approach to solving the budget crisis, one that includes revenues.
The California State PTA believes that investing in children is the best way to prepare for prosperity in the days ahead. The latest cuts are shortsighted and will shortchange an entire generation of Californians - and the entire state's future.
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